Thursday, August 14, 2008

What is a forum?

A forum, should be a talk consist of parties communicating with each other in order to get a better solution or, in order to understand each other more in different aspect.
In Malaysia, there are still so many bookstores selling dictionaries, or to say if one really smart, he or she can browse through Internet, since Malaysia has been spending Millions and Billions to upgrade the MSC...
However, why didn't people use our technology wisely?
"today, the LOUDEST won, or DID THEY?" is something that we really need to ponder into.
Notwithstanding that we Malaysians have to be more open in solving many more issues or to settle it in a more peacefull and harmonic ways (as its emphasized by pak Dollah in solving d "bridge case" with Indonesia). Its really conflicting!
Malaysia has been a real detractor of the brutal Al-Kaedah militans which practices the "Ji-had"
but did we?
taking into consideration, if you really watched what was happening during the forum, 200 "heroes" thinking (or did they use their brain to think?) was trying to overflow the bar council building! n one from the crowd (i cal him misai-man) was ROARING and BARKING all the way to the security and the POLICE?? omg...
How dare he?
Under the MALAYSIAN FEDERAL CONSTITUTION ART 8, every Malaysian shud be rulled and shud be treated the same equal right in the eyes of law! thus, does it mean that next time, one can roar and shout to the POLICE? haiz....
MISAI-man is so "fast and furious" that he ran to the upstairs and keep BARKING(woof woof) lol =)
em for me, and for some ethnical groups, or even for that particular ethnic group, you may be feeling unsatisfied, but what can you do? (even the police were letting the MOGOK-ans to enter into the building... aren't they supposed to stop the crowd and "SHU" them to GO HOME as what usually ended as a norm? ^^ think!

below is a link, is sth i found in and btw, my comments above is not related to the video! =P hope that i din challenged " Isxxxxxx " lol =D go n have fun!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A back to bicycle cycling era...

Tis was jz heard from the 6pm news reported from TV3...
ITS DECIDED BY OUR 'LOVELY CABINET' that the price of our fuel will be GREATLY INCREASED till RM 2.70 per litre!! OMG WTF t('_' t)

tis era hasn't been allowing us to drve our own car...
or as told...
subsidies will be provided for those LOW LEVEL-ed citizens...

so wondering..who'll be those "low level-ed" citizens?

cant be jz "only", "purely", "naively" those whos income are lesser than
RM 800? or......
but since Malaysia had signed the treaties to stop "RACIAL DISCRIMINATION"
so we should trust our beloved government =)

hmmm....wondering why our country's feedback on the questions asked on why is our country's fuel price keep increase and increasing month by month......
the answer will be only one.....that :-
"you should look at our neighbor countries'; Malaysia has been providing the LOWEST fuel price if you compare it to the MENTIONED countries...THAILAND, SINGAPORE, etc..."

but why not comparing to countries like Brunei, Saudi Arabia?
which they are the petroleum providing countries LIKE US Malaysian!
Singapore and thailand are importing petroleum from countries like us......thus their price would surely be more expansive if comparing to ours! NO DOUBT!

the intentions? the motives?
v cant discuss too much~ XD
i don wanna end up being caught or sued under "ISA"

think base on your own common sense then~


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Tomorrow is my criminal Law II paper.

However, was watching about the video where "Some" Yang Berhormat-S are busy talking about pigs and buffaloes at the Parliament. So whats the fuss about?? it goes......
Can anyone tell me what's the big difference between a "pig" and a "swine"?
erm...despite of the spellings and pronunciation =_=ll
the HUGE fuss at the parliament is that our great Yang "Paling" Berhormat from BN REMBAU talks about the short term of PKR and mentioned it as Project KHINZIR raksasa! lol omg wtf....

Then ofcz everyone of the opposition parties will bang for disagreement and asking him to "tarik balik" the meaning of PKR......All of the Menteris were in a fuss and arguing that our Y"P"B had breached "KUASA 37 (2) which mentioned of every parliamentarian should be given a chance to rebut or at least to give opinions.
However, tis Y"P"B of ours jz ignored all of them...and i mean ALL!! while continuing his speeches and presentations!
then suddenly someone from opposition party, PAS from Pokok Sena just mentioned that
and that's what every of the Parliamentarians are arguing about for almost 10 minutes on PIG issues......

Isn't it better if they would use more time to rebuild the whole Parliament ( Then the problem of leaking would be well molded i supposed......since its so hard to be repaired)

go and have a look....


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

exam's near...

I mean its NEXT WEEK .....

I haven't even started my preparations yet, although criminal's done, tort's 4 chapters done, computer none, Islamic=.=ll really don understand wat im reading at all...
"FATWA","QIYAS", etc...
Us non-muslims are not supposed to be in Syariah courts (Syariah courts are not constitutional at all in the eye of law of the world, but it still is in Malaysia =_=) but still we have to study about the law of Islam...but i found it funny and happy when learned about the chopping parts~

u theft u got your hands chopped,
u run away u got ur legs chopped off,
and when u RAPED =_=U guess wat?
u got served! haha ( cock out run) yay \o/

however, I do agree on this kinda hudut law systems! cause if you're applying some country's law systems, you'll get to pay only about 2k of penalties when u raped gals? OMG...
that is so unfair towards the female societies! (though im not a feminist :P)

Criminal law, you'll learn alot about how people do when you got sued! hehe~
accidents, intoxications, insanity, incapability, etc...
insanity is a defence where it is defensable for every charge! anyone?
or if you're someone who's shorter than 130cm, younger than 12 year old, where you haven't got ur IC, then infancy is what you can raise! students are future criminals as they're helping to break the laws!no wonder......some said the profession which all of them will ended up in hell is the lawyers! XD

Tort and computer......not studied yet XP

13th - Computer Law II BRL 2624

14th - Criminal Law II BCR 2624

17th - Law of Tort II BLT 2624

22th - Islamic Law II BIL 2624

kk better get going to prepare lu~
one week time =.=ll

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Return to my life diary

Recently been doing things not in accordingly to what i like or who i am. To be honest, there are a few happenings which i myself don't like to involved in but i went and done it -.-

love, friendship, family, household, musics, etc etc..

I've finally have myself clear on who's the one i supposed to fall in love with and to live side by side with. But useless i supposed-_- because that was indeed a terrible past tense. Recently I've been praying hard to meet her; yesterday we met each other at Parkson MBO~ OMG...... i was playing arcade and she just standing at my side back and watching me. But the timid me, imagine, i didn't even do anything to go talk to her or to walk up front......i just greeted her, nodded, and walked away.

Sometimes i really hate love......the more you ask, that the stuffs you won't be getting; the more you don't want it to be happened, the more they'll be coming!'s useless to just asking for what you want but did not pursue further or to have the initiative to do it! I really yearned to get back with her......i guessed what i can do now is just to wait?? hahaih.........

Been composing songs for competition recently. Got much comments, dad says "your songs nice what, have confidence!" edmond says "many of times, you don't compose songs to get prizes but you have to compose songs for people to listen..." mom says "i dunno music la (in a very Chinese assent)" anne mom says "many people likes your song!just that every of time you don't practice much!that's why your songs enters only finals but wont get prize..." feng er says "ur songs ok friends they said they like your song very much......"

Those are some of the comments I'm taking note of. Life's been miserable whenever I'm starting to compose songs. I mean I'm the kinda guy which will be very concentrating whenever I'm doing things which I'm really interested in. So, music life will caused me an injured bladder, a be-thinned body, and lastly swaying in my study lives. hahahaha.....I've been asking myself, the moment i came into MMU, my aim is to get Dean's list but till now i got nothing but a 3pointer only hahaha......sry dad~

hmmm...been kept asking myself about this question over and over again: what is the reason for me to create melodies and songs? Is it for the purpose of competition? or should it only be my personal interest? every time I'm gonna start my session, I'll think of how people will feel about my song, how people will judge it, etc etc. So it means that my songs will be composed and based in accordance to what other peoples' views and opinions! unlike Darren Chua, i really respect his song composing abilities and feels! Always the way of his own style, the swift and the sift of his own wish! i should have asked him about his ways of composing! haha....

I used to compose songs life how he does! HMMMM......i should change the way of my style of composing from now on instead! to be honest, Im gonna change my standard of careness of how people will think of my songs from now on as well!! hehe~ haha~ friends do wish me best of luck!

erm, you all can get the demo recordings from me if you wanted to have a glance! I accept comments from you all :D

kla, its raining now, i gotta get moving to get prepared for assignments!